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Poetry Rocks!

I've discovered the most awesome book of poetry.  It is, in fact, one of my favorite books I own (and I own around 2,000)!  It is National Geographic's Book of Animal Poetry.

This is a collection of 200 poems written by various authors and grouped by animal.  There are all types of poetry written about all types of animals.  The pictures are absolutely amazing - so colorful and brilliant!  I have been reading these poems to my students, and we love to discuss the different types of figurative language we find.  This book is perfect to read while students finish up their animal research papers.  Students each picked an animal to research and used various sources to research their animal.  They have created an animal nonfiction brochure to go along with their report, and in January, students will write poetry from their animal's point of view.

I used Leann Bongers's ( animal research student sheets.  If you haven't checked her stuff (and blog) out, you really should!  She is my idol.

Happy reading!


  1. That looks good - we start the Rainforests in the new year and that might be a good resource. There have to be rainforest animals in it :) You sound like me with your books. I was the school librarian for 14 years - fabulous way to read and read and read.

    1. It has lots of rainforest animals! I found it at our school's Scholastic book fair, and I love it - all kinds of animals and poems. I have a rather large book collection - I'm sure we have lots in common!