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Do I Procrastinate? I'll Let You Know Tomorrow!

So, I have this new planner for my desk at school.

It's funny, because I DO tend to procrastinate.  I know, however, that I shouldn't, and I do not want to encourage my students to be procrastinators.  But, as I flipped through this planner, I couldn't help but laugh at the little gems of advice this planner gives.

There's a place to prioritize my "To Do" list - with more procrastinator tips.

Lastly, it includes a place to doodle during those times when you need (or just want) some distraction.

So, as I start off 2013 with my list of resolutions, one of the ones at the top of my list is to not procrastinate.  It doesn't mean, though, that I can't have a good laugh, right?

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